Tuesday, June 26, 2012

People of Paradiso

Did some visual reporting this weekend for the Seattle Weekly at the electronic music festival Paradiso. Tons of neon, butts, fishnet stockings, body paint, and drug use! Click the image below!!peopleofparadiso_0web.jpg


  1. Hi Aaron!
    It's Krystal Pepsi! Your former neighbor via the DUKE! You guys keep popping up in my life. I recently saw your classic christmas card and I was randomly at this lady's house and I saw one of your paintings! One of the clouds. I asked the lady who did the painting and she said "someone named Aaron I think" and I flipped and said, "OMG! I know this guy!" totally random. so i thought i'd say hi! Give my best to the kitty and Jessixa! Hope all of you are well!

    1. Hey Krystal! Guess what?! We live back in the Duke again!! You'll have to come by and visit, it's above where you and Emily's apartment was. My email is russiansteamroller (at) gmail dot com! - Cheers.